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  1. Good morning Hyper Spinners, Thank you for liking my custom artwork designs the past dozen years I've been doing professional artwork projects for almost three decades. I love designing and really enjoy all aspects of the creative arts. I still have my Custom Artwork sticky in this forum so please send me any inquiries for your amazing arcade projects. I have been so appreciative of this community and I wanted to share I finally have my first website. Please check it out: JWGFX – Creative Services Digital Art Director Thank you for the many years of creativity and for all the incredible projects and ideas this community has with retro gaming. It's a pleasure working with so many talented people. Thank you, and all the best! Josh
  2. dfwArcade


  3. Hello HS forum followers. In an effort to get more of my 'old Hyper Spin' website posts into one place I'm updating this thread. It appears my updates cutoff around mid 2013. These re-posts will show what many might of missed since then with my custom artwork for members. Thank you. All the best! Josh http://www.jwgfx.com Posted May 31, 2013 Hello spinners & pinners, I wanted to share one of my newest designs - Zombie Pinball Madness. It's is a tribute to the Zombie craze of today. It's one of 6 original designs for Shakenbake's VPcabs production builds. We wanted to evoke a sense of classic Zombie horror with a contemporary sense of doom. Please check out my galleries for these and other designs for Pinball, Bartop, Arcade standup & Pedestal style cabinets. I also offer logo design and pretty much anything else you may need from the design world. If you want to own one of these machines with this design or any of the other offerings please visit this post by Shakenbake: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23990-Pinball-2000-Complete-Cabinet-3999-Grand-Opening-Special You can also see this design as a completed cabinet at Brad's website: http://www.virtualpinballmachinesrus.com/ Please keep a look out for the other 5 designs. Thanks for checking us out, all the best! Josh
  4. Hello Thomas, Thanks for contacting me. A marquee design wouldn't take to long to make. It'll depend on the complexity of the artwork. BTTF... is that Back to the Future? I can design anything really, it's my job to bring your idea to life. If your interested please email this account and I'll send you some samples and my rates and how to book time on my calendar. jwgfx@at.net Thank you, Josh
  5. Hello Tberry, Thanks for contacting me. Yes reapplying a custom decal set can be easily done. I'm able to design just about anything you can think of. Once the design is finished I send it to Brad Bowman (Lucian045) on the forums for printing. He can ship anywhere in the world. We've worked together exclusively for 5 years. He's the absolute best. Pro grade prints all the way. I've got a few projects in the works now. I'm always looking to work with people to get their custom ideas brought to life. If you think you'd like to work together please let me know. If you email me (link on my website) I'll send you some of my latest samples, rates and how we can schedule time on my future schedule. Thank you, all the best! Josh http://www.jwgfx.com
  6. Hello v1machine, Yes I can help, I've designed a few pedestal cabinets. Please email me direct and I'll send you my info about pricing and include samples of some pedestal cabinets I've made for members over the years. Thank you, Josh jwgfx@att.net
  7. Hello Mr. Jones. The only etching art I have done has been with Mameman. He does toppers that sit on top of pinball machines. He has also done other stuff but I've only made vector art for some of his projects. I'd suggest contacting him about that process. I can help with the designing of the images you'd etch but wouldn't know much about getting them to talk with the system. If you need vector art, things like 'Player 1' and items like that I can design a layout to your liking. We could get it into Adobe Illustrator to the size of the CP layout and you'd at least have the vector art needed for layout. The file formats can be EPS or AI (Illustrator files) that we can saved backwards legacy to talk to your plotter. Please let me know if your interested in working on something like that. Thank you. All the best! Josh
  8. Hello jeanvion, Make sure the file for the logo is set at 300 dpi (dots per inch). Also use RGB as your color setting mode. That's video colors vs. print colors which are typically CMYK. Print color space (CMYK) usually have a less vibrant color look when printing especially for something that is back lite like a marquee.
  9. Hey man. Cool project. Unfortunately I don't have decal artwork for existing cabinets. I'm designing custom designs for clients. So far I haven't had to rebuild or recreate an arcade design. I did clean up and fix some Tales from the Crypt design decals for a pin cabinet. That was fun but very time consuming. Keep searching the net, someone has to have been down that road before. Try contacting these guys: http://www.gameongrafix.com/categories/multi-arcade-graphics Good luck!
  10. Hello BladeZX, Thanks for the message. I haven't made a Mortal Kombat design yet but we can make something really cool for your bartop. Typically a bartop cab can take between 8-12 hours to make a 4 decal set. It'll cost about $150-200 for a custom design. It all depends on how you want it too look. I'll need more info about the design detail to really know the time needed to make it. I email samples of the design when we start. Then we do some back and forth until we get the format you like. Then I make high resolution designs of the samples. Once the design is complete I send it to Brad Bowman for printing. His printing is the absolute best out there. Best material and workmanship. He's Lucian045 on the forums. You can contact him about printing and shipping. I have 19 years experience to both print & tv and can get to an idea rather quickly. I run both Mac & PC at home and have all the latest software. I charge $25 an hour and discount HS members 20% off the final invoice. Please check out my galleries for more ideas. I have made a custom bartop Space Invader themed design called Markade. I require a $75 deposit to start a project. I have a Paypal account for payment. I'll reply to your personal email with some samples of my professional work and we can correspond more if you’re interested. Thank you, all the best! Josh email: jwgfx@att.net www.jwgfx@att.net
  11. Howdy, I sent you an email about your project. Please let me know if your still needing some design services. Thank you!
  12. Hello flip1950, Thanks for contacting me. I appreciate you liking my artwork and wanting to see more. If you look through my albums you can see some different generic sets made for members. Also lots of original and themed designs for cabs as well. If you email me I'll respond with some samples of my day job (NBC television) design. I've been working in broadcast and print graphic design for 20 years and have all the latest programs to make custom designs. Please send me an email and I'll send you more info on rates and booking time for your project. If you like the generic Hyper Pin base set that's $295 plus shipping. Brad Bowman (Lucian045) on the forums and I have been offering this set to members. He's an absolute pro with printing and his decal sets quality are second to none. We can also add some custom alterations to it as well. The additional cost depends on the amount of time needed to make changes. I've done a few of those and they are in my albums section of my profile. My website in more like a dummy page for now and I hope to have something better this year. If you click on the email me section you'll get my address. Here's my address it is if it's not working: jwgfx@att.net Thank you. Respectfully yours, Josh
  13. Hello Dave, I'm reading your email now. Sounds like a cool project. Thanks for contacting me. I'll send you some more info to your email. Thank you, all the best! Josh
  14. Hello LD, Mortal Kombat would be sweet. I haven't made one of those but I love the artwork and use of colors and effects. Please keep me in mind if you need artwork. Please check out my galleries too for some inspiration. There are so many cool ideas anything's possible. You can send me an email from my website: jwgfx.com Thank you!
  15. Thanks pofo14! Labor of love. These designs always seem to get some positive reviews. Thanks for commenting!
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