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  1. Pinball Electrical 101

    I have come across a pacled64 and want to replace the ledwiz in my pincab with it to gain more outputs. I have the ledwiz hooked up to two of Zebs early booster boards with only the usb and the wires coming from the booster boards connected to it. Can i just disconnect the wires from the ledwiz and connect them to the output pins of the pacled64. The ledwiz has no external power connected to it so do i not need to supply power to the pacled64 either. Cheers
  2. Do exactly as you said download the latest exe and rename as you said and replace the older version. You will need to put the freeImage.dll included in the download into the folder where the exe is as well.
  3. Instructions

    I am getting an error when trying to display the instruction cards on my cabinet PC (W7 x64) I have copied the same hyperpin folder onto 3 PCs here to test. 2 of them are W7 x32 and they display the instructions fine the other is a cabinet with W7 x64 which does not display them properly. Has anyone come across this before , i dont know if it is x64 related or if its related one of the host of other changes that i have done. The error is COM error notification Function name : "menu" ERROR: The COM object may not be a valid dispatch object! First ensure that COM library has been initalized through COM_Init(). () Edit: Found the fix about 2 minutes after posting i just hadn't installed adobe flash player. All good now
  4. I think i remember reading about accessing the genre selection screen through the exit menus but i can't seem to find the info or settings to do it. Is this possible or will i have to stick with an external button. cheers
  5. Thanks for the quick reply i might look at what the driver board is and if it is something i can make up to add to the challenge of building the cabinet. Something new means i will learn more so its all good fun. Thanks
  6. @thewool: this time I used cheaper "prolight RGB LEDs on star" for the flashers. No need for ultrabright crees due to the extra playfield flasherbar. I regulated the 150/350mA simply via resistors. Hi Chris Awsome looking build top quality. I am going to go the backbox and playfield flashers looks great in the vids. When you say you regulated the leds with 150/350ma resistors are they wired in parallel and as a total at less than 500ma so that it stays below the ledwiz limit. Are they wired directly to the ledwiz or through an optocoupler circuit as was sugested to me in another thread so as not to burn the ledwiz. Thanks