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  1. Hyperbase access

    Perhaps just a small screenshot to hype us up?
  2. pedestal arcade help

    Good call, best to do it right than rush it. Sadly it's brutal building a pc at this time. I'm looking to upgrade my gpu so I can run in 4k as HLSL effects look amazing in 4k, but 1060s are crazy overpriced from crypto craze.
  3. pedestal arcade help

    I'm honestly not sure on the zero delay encoder. Never used one. I will get some pics up soon, more function over form on my end for sure lol
  4. pedestal arcade help

    I just did my first too and yea, you learn a lot of the fly lol. Are you using an iPAC by chance? If so they auto map to Mame defaults which is super nice.
  5. pedestal arcade help

    Oh shit, I didn't even say. GREAT LOOKING SETUP!!
  6. pedestal arcade help

    You don't need any coding skills to run Hyperspin. Especially if you are using it with Rocketlauncher. While there is a learning curve, if you can think logically and realize that file names all need to match what is on the .xml databases you will be fine. Most people try and download a bunch of random things, plug em in and expect it to work. It's not always that simple. Plus the community on this board is always here to help when issues come up.
  7. Hyperbase access

    If you need any testing help let me know! I do a bit at work.
  8. Hyperbase access

    Awesome! Stoked for the release!
  9. Hyperbase access

    Any update on when this goes public? Thanks!