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  1. Nintendo Wii - Database (Official)

    So I was looking for a Wii development database thread in the forum. There wasn't one, but I found this from 6 months ago instead:

    "That Wii DB is a mess.
    Someone did a CTRL+H to replace all instances of the word "Racing" with "Driving"
    While all they had to do was change "<genre>Racing" with "<genre>Driving"
    Then circo took that faulty xml and made it "official" =___=!"

    I have zero plans to do anything special with this database. All I've done is correct the instances of 'driving' in the descriptions/game names, and replaced hyphens with colons in the description.

    I've made a development thread - if you want to contribute to this database, please do. I am not the keeper of these databases, I'm just a contributor.


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  2. Nintendo Wii - Database (XML)

    1.0 - 03/06/2016


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