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  1. Pointer do sistema Locomalito (16:9) (4:3)
    Based out of Spain, Locomalito is one of a handful of independent game-crafters working out of Europe. A couple of things set him apart, however. The first thing is that with the exception of one title (which is simply a super-juiced up “EX” version and is worth the dough), Locomalito’s entire game library is available as freeware. Yes, that means he offers it to you, the gamer, free of charge on his website. The second (and equally obvious) thing separating Loco from the pack: EVERY SINGLE GAME is a handcrafted, authentic, exquisite blend of the old and the new.
  2. Enjoy!
  3. I just want to share this pointer with all of you guys!
  4. This is supposed to look like the Nintendo Vs. Unisystem arcade cabinet side art:

    I spent way too much time on this, and it didn't even turn out as good as I'd hoped, but meh. Here it is if you want it. I've included my .psd files (they're a mess) if anyone else wants to work on what I was.
  5. Pointer do sistema OUYA - versões para 4:3 e 16:9
  6. Soccer Games Pointers
  7. Gaelco Pointers
  8. Nintendo Sufami Turbo Pointer
  9. All Pointers I could find
    555 Total
    211 Official Systems
    12 Custom Systems
    173 Random/Universal Pointers
    Pointers collected mainly from files found in the old site downloads section, new upload here section and CU-WIP Thread.
    All un-credited Pointers are from the official download section.
    1. Named with credit where I could
    Seems like alot of the originate from the THk Blondin set found in the Old Site Downloads section,
    also thank nija2bceen as he has released many many pointers also. Big thanks the adamg for sepping in to help
    finish this set!!

    2. Combined all THK-Blondin pointer set's and credited where multiple pointers are included
    3. Where there are many versions of a pointer I have labeled differently

    To use the full set pointers:-
    Rename the pointer of your choice to "Pointer.png" (if not already) and place this in the Systems correct folder
    e.g Sega Genesis would be Hyperspin\Media\Sega Genesis\Images\Other\Pointer.png
    To use the drag and drop set
    Drag the SYSTEMNAME folder into you Hyperspin\Media folder
    RENAME your current Pointer.png to avoid overwriting it with the one is this set
    HyperSpin Community United Project
  10. Street Fighter Pointer
  11. Pointer for Locomalito Games
  12. Put on your Castlevania Collection Pack!
  13. So, this is a art to you put the pointer into the your pack, enjoy.
  14. Sega TecToy Pointer(s)
  15. Flash Games Pointer
  16. comic pointer
  17. comic alt pointer
  18. comic alt 2 pointer
  19. HyperSpin Pointer
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