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About This File

Virtual Storage
  • Easy allocate, use (read-write) and free some space within the storage.
  • Data safety and consistency.
  • Unique identification mechanism within the storage to make references.
  • Indexing mechanism to make associations within storage.
  • Easy backup and restore.
  • Multi-space data organization, so you can make customization of the storage segments with or without any relationship between spaces.
  • Split data logically within each space for easy management according to user's requirements (separate object types, tables, etc.)
  • Transaction mechanism throughout all storage, easy rollback changes.
  • Administrator tools (UI and command-line) for easy storage management.

V-Storage is a basic platform that encapsulates all these capabilities.
This version has been designed as prototype on the .NET platform (C#), but actually is full-function application suite that includes libraries and supplementary admin tools (GUI and command-line).


VXML (Virtual XML) is XML-based database built on Virtual Storage platform as VStorage wrapper.

It inherits all existing Virtual Storage capabilities, such as distributed allocation of the database files, multi-space approach for specific data pools, dump/restore functions, static and dynamic storage extension, transactions, physical data consistency, etc.

VXML database is NOT a single XML document. It provides the embedded catalog structure that can be managed by user in the specific manner, XML documents are attached to catalog nodes. XQL queries may retrieve XML nodes from the specific document/element or documents list from the catalog structure using internal documents nodes as well as document names in the queries.

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