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Design requests

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Is it possible to add any of the following to Hyperspin to make designs a bit more easy/customizable:


  • Absolute Wheel position

Positioning Left/Right is limiting the space you have onscreen. Left/Right would still be useful for aligning the wheel, but an additional X-position could allign the wheel from 50px on the left.


  • Custom Fonts

At this moment we are limited to the 4 font styles that are defined by Hyperspin. Is it possible to change any of the fonts? Or have a font-select menu? I know this will impact Hyperspin a lot (from a technical point of view) as well as a functional impact as not all fonts are usable with gradients. Of course I'm willing to think this through with you but I'm not a developer.



I'm working on a minimal/material design layout for default/systems/games. When this topic is valid under the current rules (it's my first post), I'll add more design specific requests here. I will make sure they're Hyperspin/HyperHQ related.


Thanks for reading!

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