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Another Icade Mod


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A few photos of my icade mod up and running now.


I've modified this quite a few times now as space was extremely tight, sourcing small components proved to be taxiing.


The motherboard is a standard small form factor intel board which currently has a low powered i3 CPU, which I will bin soon in favour of an i5


There is currently 4gb of memory


there are three hard drives


1 x 3tb 3.5 hd - this stores all the roms

1 x 120gb ssd - this stores all media and videos

1 x 60gb ssd - this stores windows 10


the controls are soldered to a Mini IPAC running to a USB


The front coin led panel of the ION icade has been rewired to the power LED of the computer. behind this coin panel I've added the remote sensor for the TV driver board, this controls volume, picture settings etc.


There are two additional smaller arcade buttons in black, one on the front panel, this is the return to menu / esc key.

the other above the screen in the lower marque panel, this currently switches off the machine, although this will be rewired for an admin key or pause key


All panels are cut out of 4mm MDF and covered in a textured vinyl to match the original panels. 


The screen is an IPAD2 LCD which can be bought for £27

TV driver board with remote can be obtained from ebay in china for £28

Mini IPAC was £24

sanwa buttons and joystick came to £35

speakers are off a cheap portable speaker box £5

Vinyl worked out at £5

the carbon fiber vinyl worked out at £4

USB LED strip £4


The computer parts were items I had as left overs


The power supply is a 350w small form factor from a antec htpc, these can be bought off ebay for £20


The marque is created from two pieces of clear perspex with graphics placed in between. A USB LED lights the sign.



The joystick panel I had to enlarge the holes to fit sanwa buttons, any ion logos on the plastic I sanded away, the groove in the panel that would have held the ipad has also been filled and removed prior to carbon vinyl being added.


To fit the PSU without it sticking out, I had to cut a rectangular out of the back of the icade support to free up 10mm, to allow the PSU to sit inside correctly.


The large space at the bottom rear of the icade is for a silent 750gtx ti to fit, originally it had a nvidia gt630 but this was noisy and not much better than the onboard intel graphics.


Sorry for lack of break downs, I only took a few photos of my first attempt my second attempt I just went with it.


Any questions as to fitments feel free to ask.



Last parts to do.


change memory to faster 8gb

change processor to an i5

add gtx 750 ti

change graphics on side and marquee perhaps

add a laser cut panel to the rear with power socket, power switch and venting locations.



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