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Big thanks!!!


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Just wanted to take a minute, and say a huge thank you, to this whole hyperspin 'world'. Over this past winter, I've spent my spare time reading the forums, and planning my own cabinet setup. I've now finished. It #$%^&^% rocks. Just thought I'd say a general thanks to anyone, and everyone willing to take a minute to read this........I got my hands on an old 'Jungle King' cab, and stripped the guts. I wanted a used, roughed up cab, like i grew up with (grew up...lol..well that's debatable). I dropped in an x-arcade (ipac the next one). A 22" lcd, and slapped together an amdx3 with a big @$# hard drive. A friend of mine helped wire led's into the coin slots etc, and I went from there...It took a lot of reading, and goofing but have everything up and running like a top....so thank you to all created, posted, moaned, and groaned in the forums,,,if it wasn't for all 'you' I'd never have this up and running.........thanks a million!

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