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EmuMovies- OpenBOR Updated (41 Videos)


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Processing more submissions today and have just added 41 new video snaps for the Open BOR set. I have also generated new snap and title packs to go with it. These Packs can be found in the EmuMovies Download section, FTP File Server and Download Utility. A big thanks to Shinobi68 for these submissions.


Videos Added: 41 (Shinobi68)
Armored Warriors - Cyberbots (Demo)
Avengers - United Battle Force
Battletoads & Double Dragon IV - The Return of the Dark Forces
Bears (Demo)
Crisis Evil 3 - Santiago Infected
Double Dragon - Renegade
Dragon Ball Z - Gold (Demo)
Dragon Duo (Demo)
Enter the Double Dragon (Demo)
Evil Splatter (Demo)
Fighting Street
Final Fight - Special Edition
Gameboy Dungeon Explorer (Demo)
Giko Taku
Kingdom Hearts (Demo)
Konpaku (Demo)
Martial Masters - New Legend
Marvel First Alliance 2
Marvel First Alliance
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam (Demo)
Moon Stone - A Hard Day's Knight
Namco X Capcom (Demo)
Naruto (Demo)
Nick & DumDum (Demo)
Ninja Warriors Vs Marvel Super Heroes, The (Demo)
One Piece - Grandline Bout (Demo)
Pafman (Demo)
Phantasy Star II + IV (Demo)
Pocket Dimensional Clash (Demo)
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Alternate Story - Return of the Clones
Project R (Demo)
Project X - Love Potion Disaster (Demo)
Roy Streets (Demo)
Strider 3 - The Strider Army (Demo)
Supah! Princess Defender (Demo)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Red Sky Battle II (Demo)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shell Shocked (Demo)
Time Crisis - Side Scroller (Demo)
Urban Lockdown (Demo)
X-Men - Sagas
X-Men Vs Street Fighter - Galaxy Clash

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