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EmuMovies- Content Contributor and Developer Access


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With all the recent changes it's about time to try and start clarifying some things. In this article I am going to discuss how to receive Content Contributor or Developer Access. EmuMovies goal is to be a media portal for all Front-Ends. We started out 10 years ago primarily focused on video snaps but over time it just became EVERYTHING. We love the emulation community and want to support it and foster it as much as possible. First lets start with developer access.


Front-Ends Teams
Emulator Teams
Utility Creators
Support Sites Admins


If you or your TEAM fall into one of these categories please submit a support ticket under "Developer Access Requests" our team will review the request and usually have a response within 48 hours.


Content Contributors:
EmuMovies supports the following content types


Video Snaps
Video System Intros
TV Commercials
Video Game Reviews
GameEx Database Videos


Game Snaps
Title Snaps
Game Over Snaps
2D Boxes
3D Boxes
Box Spines
2D Carts
3D Carts
Cd Images
Disc Images
Game Manuals
PC Boards
Arcade Cabinets
Photoshop Templates
and basically anything else you can conceive of


What we don't want:
HyperSpin Themes
HyperSpin Wheel Images
(Those belong strictly at HyperSpin-FE.com)


Submissions can be made though the website or FTP (Website Preferred)
If you would like to be considered for Content Contributor Status please submit a support ticket under "Content Contributor Access Request"


We hope this clears things up and happy 10 years of EmuMovies everyone.

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