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Use my LCD or new led tv


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I have a 42 LCD tv waiting to be used in a new cab.

Will this do a good enough job or is it really worth investing in an led?

Seems a lot of money to so end when I have this good tv already, but then before I spend hours on the cabinet I want to make sure I will be happy with the result.

Also is 42 a good size or would 46 give much improved results, it seems most of you go for 46 now?

I also have a 32 lcd for the back box, i

Again is it worth the money for a new led?

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its cool didn't want it to get lost.......also depends on the type of cab you are going to use..... anything over a 37" lcd or led tv will need a custom cab built or a widebody cab (not sure about the exact size for the widebody.....might be 46" (someone will chime in)

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