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Sound for Bartop arcade


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Hi Guys

It's been a while but i have made some alterations to my bartop (new colour and am busy for a new theme)

I am also trying to upgrade the speaker system but i am still not satticfied, i am now using some pc speakers with the amplifier from that set (2.0)

The sound is not nice, no lows and only high sounds. I have no room for a sub so i was wondering how you guys solved this issue.

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I solved it by mounting a subwoofer in the backpanel! Just dismounted the woofer and used the speaker and amp. Works amazing, excellent sound with lots of base

This is the cabinet now, made the main thing grey, rest is going to be white. The panel is being altered to white with arcade artwork (still searching for a good theme, any idea's are welcome!)

Also want to put in a rollerball but have limited space, any idea where to put it?

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