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BAM. Head tracking info


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I've recently heard about BAM (Better Arcade Machine) but know nothing about it. I havent dug into their website to deep, and haven't spent hours searching different forums.

This looks cool and very promising for simulated 3d, has anyone tried it on their build?

How do you set this up?

If I use 2 ps3eye cameras, where do they go?

I was hoping for some info from the senior members (anyone with experience) of this forum. I'm fairly new to the virtual cabinet world and in the middle of my first cabinet build.

Is this something that I should include in the design?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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I am experimenting with BAM at the moment. Only i use a kinect sensor for head tracking. You only can use BAM with futurepinball. the way you set it to in my case set the kinect sensor under the backbox aiming at the playfield and my face... :P You install the bam software in the futurepinball folder and select in futurepinball/bam the plugin you need in my case Kinect. I had to calibrate the kinect to the playfield and face through a "low" calibrating procedure (cause of the kinect setting under the backbox instead of on the top of the backbox)

1 setting is quite important BAM only works in Arcade modus which you can set in the video options of futurepinball. I need to do some more investigation about futurepinball if it is suitable to what i want. I read somewhere that setting a ledwiz controller with futurepinball could be a pain in the ... also i hope i can get the dimensions right on the playfield monitor to replicate a real pinball playfield. Also the dmd in the backbox is a problem cause i am using a real dmd.

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