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Can I connect JLFs to Mini-Pac / I-Pac easily?

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Hi there - 


I'm looking to connect 2 of these JLF joysticks to a controller board from Ultimarc, either an I-Pac or a Mini-Pac.


I have no experience working with electrical, so I'm trying to figure out if there's a simple way to use the JLFs with either of these controllers.


Would anybody have any tips for a wiring newbie?


Complicating things for me, I think, is the 5-pin wiring harness that's built into the JLFs. If not for that, I think I'd be able to connect microswitches to either of those controllers easily. But with the 5-pin harness, I'm not sure what I'd need.


Ultimarc told me I'd need to get an adaptor harness from the 5 pin joystick connector to male 4.8mm connectors, but that's not something they sell.


Is it as simple as buying this 5-pin wiring harness and some 4.8mm male spade crimp terminals (quick disconnects) like these or these and going like this:


JLF --> 5-pin wiring harness --> 4.8mm male spade crimp terminals (Quick Disconnects) --> ??? --> Mini-Pac?


Are things easier for me if I opt for an I-Pac instead of a Mini-Pac?


In case it's useful info, I'll be using 12 Ultimarc Goldleaf buttons as my action buttons and 6 Seimitsu PS-14-DN screwbuttons as my admin buttons.







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