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Would you buy a LedStrip Controller board?  

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Hi folks

As some of you already know, I'm working on a small controller board for led strips.

So far I have built different 3 prototypes, which all work well (just check out the DOF show case video to get a idea what can be done).The main components of the hardware are a fast USB bridge chip (FT245RL) and an Atmel microprocessor which does the real work. The firmware of the board is all written in assembler and is at its current state able to send approx. 50000bytes to the leds per second and there is still some headroom for optimization. This is fast enough to drive a few hundred leds. At this time the board is able to control led strips which are based in the WS2811 or the WS2812 chip (http://www.adafruit....eets/WS2812.pdf).

DOF has also been extended with new classes and config options to configure and control the led strips. DOF is currently able to use up to 16 of those controller boards. The board uses a simple protocol for data transmission and could be used from other software as well.

Now I want to make the next step and try to get into a stage where that controller can made available for everyone. The design for the SMD version of the board is almost finished.



Before I venture into SMD prototype production, I'd like to know if there is any interest amongst the cabinet builders for that controller board.

One possible addition to the current board design would be to add a solid state relay which could be used to controll the power supply for the led strip. Any interest?

The price for the board will likely be in the 40Euro/50USD range, based on my current estimation, but the price might be lower if there is enough demand and a larger production run can be made.

Please let me know, if you would consider buying one or several controller boards, so I get a idea about the possible demand.

All the best


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