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How to get pins in the 'OTHER' Genre?


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Anyone know how to get pins to show up in the 'Other Manufacturer' Genre?

I've tried <manufacturer>Other</manufacturer>




No matter what I put there, I get 0 tables found in Other Manufacturers.

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...so to clarify...

Take this small sample XML file. If I run it in Hyperpin, and hit the Genre key, I get 1 Bally found, 1 Gottlieb found, and 0 Other found.

Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a solution to get the other manufacturer games (game plan, data east, etc.) to show up under the 'other' genre?


<game name="250cc (Inder) (1992) (JPSalas) (1.1.0)"><description>250cc</description><manufacturer>Other</manufacturer><year>1992</year><type>SS</type></game>

<game name="Aaron Spelling (Data East) (1992) (Destruk) (1.0.0)"><description>Aaron Spelling</description><manufacturer>Data East</manufacturer><year>1992</year><type>SS</type></game>

<game name="Abra Ca Dabra (Gottlieb) (1975) (pinuck) (2.0.0)"><description>Abra Ca Dabra</description><manufacturer>Gottlieb</manufacturer><year>1975</year><type>SS</type></game>

<game name="Addams Family TV, The (Other) (2010) (Bob5453) (2010)"><description>Addams Family TV, The</description><manufacturer>Bally</manufacturer><year>2010</year><type>SS</type></game>

<game name="Agents 777 (Gameplan) (1984) (Destruk) (1.0.0)"><description>Agents 777</description><manufacturer>Game Plan</manufacturer><year>1984</year><type></type></game>


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