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One more cabinet to coming to this world


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Hi guys and nice to meet you!

Just started designing and building my first (and most possibly only) a full-scale arcade cabinet a few weeks ago. My GF currently designs the cabinet (full-scale) in Autocad based on koenigs plans, with a few tweaks here and there.

Now since I'm a noobie in DIY arcade cabinets, I would like to share my project plan, so maybe it can help others.

I have split the project in 5 categories:

1. PC Hardware and peripherals (Intel Q9400 Quad-Core / 4GB RAM / SSD 128GB / Nvidia 210) <- Done (from previous PC parts)

2. Software choice and setup (HyperSpin, Roms, Configurations) <- Done

3. Cabinet electronics (sound, controllers, 19 inch 4:3 LCD screen, lights, switches, ventilation) <- At this point only sound / x-arcade / screen in stock.

4. Woodworking and assembling

5. Painting, printing & styling

For starters I will use an x-arcade as-is I brought from a friend for about $90. I will remove those three side-buttons and place them on the actual cabinet. Still deciding where I will put them, but for the time being I'm considering adding credits / pinball knockers side-by-side and the escape (black) button right below the screen.

I will actually mount the motherboard / hdd's / psu on wood rather than adding a whole ATX box in it. I don't know why, it just feels right to do it that way.

Until now I have spend about $290 but ofcourse it doesn't include any parts I already had.

At this point I'm gathering electronics and next woodworking will follow.

I will be posting updates about my project from time to time :)

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Welcome to the forum!

How did you manage to convince your GF to agree to your plans to build an arcade cabinet, let alone get her to design it for you? You sir, must be giftet!

My GF enjoys all the time she can get to herself whenever I am running of to the workshop, but beyond that I she must think I am nuts :P

I am currently building my first cabinet as well and woodworking is definitely not an expertise of mine. Can't really give you any pointers to get you started :P

I'll be looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your warm welcome!

Actually my GF is also a nerd (in a modern-fashioned way) and has an architect degree and experience. You can really say I'm blessed. When I told her I'm thinking to build an arcade cabinet she got so excited and asked me to pass any cabinet plans I may find on the web, and that's when I ended up on koenigs plans which looked most complete.

Woodworking isn't my expertise as well but good news is that my father worked as a woodworker in the past and has some tools to work around it.


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