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SLO opcode error playing Final Fantasy


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I have a hyperspin home arcade system and have been learning much about emulators and ROMS over the past 6 months that i never knew anything about before hand.

That being said I am getting an error on  my final fantasy 1 game. It is original NES version. I played for roughly 12 hours no problems over a few days. Then the next day i am in the game playing I cannot enter a house or enter my menu screen to check weapons , armor, magic, or items. The screen just turns purple and green colors and the graphics lock up. I check the log and it says SLO opcode error. 

I have started a new game and also uninstalled and re installed the game and still have same issue. Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated as i have no idea how to correct this in game error that obviously has something to do with graphics memory.

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