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How To: Custom Artwork for CP


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How would you go about making Custom Artwork for your CP.

I have a machine already but its very plain. It is painted black and very boring to look at. I want to "JAZZ" it up a bit. I'm not very good with photoshop but i know enough to tumble about and get an ok/good end result. But i have no idea how you would line up the holes on the CP to match the artworks CP design.

The only thing i can think of is too take a photo of the CP and work over the top of it so it acts like a template. Would this work or is their an easier way?

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I've just done mine.. Taught myself Sketchup and got a tape measure out. Loads of good tuts online for it. Give me a shout if you need a hand.. Enjoyed getting it spot on actually. My paper print lined up perfectly and my vinyl arrives Thurs.

Can't wait!

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