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New Atari 7800 Videos Released


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We do have a few new video snaps packs in the works but @DamnedRegistrations continues to pump out replacement content for some previous sets.  The latest redo is the Atari 7800.  We have 59 new video snaps for the 7800 as well as a new default platform video and an EmuMovies parallax platform video.  All media is available to Sync via EmuMovies Sync,  FTP and the EmuMovies download section.





Videos Added / Replaced - 52 @DamnedRegistrations 

  • Ace of Aces (USA)
  • Alien Brigade (USA)
  • Asteroids (USA)
  • Ballblazer (USA)
  • Barnyard Blaster (USA)
  • Basketbrawl (USA)
  • Centipede (USA)
  • Choplifter! (USA)
  • Commando (USA)
  • Crack'ed (USA)
  • Crossbow (USA)
  • Dark Chambers (USA)
  • Desert Falcon (USA)
  • Dig Dug (USA)
  • Donkey Kong (USA)
  • Donkey Kong Junior (USA)
  • Double Dragon (USA)
  • F-18 Hornet (USA)
  • Fatal Run (USA)
  • Fight Night (USA)
  • Food Fight (USA)
  • Galaga (USA)
  • Hat Trick (USA)
  • Ikari Warriors (USA)
  • Impossible Mission (USA)
  • Jinks (USA)
  • Joust (USA)
  • Karateka (USA)
  • Klax (USA) (Proto)
  • Kung-Fu Master (USA)
  • Mario Bros. (USA)
  • Mat Mania Challenge (USA)
  • Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (USA)
  • Meltdown (USA)
  • Midnight Mutants (USA)
  • Motor Psycho (USA)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (USA)
  • Ninja Golf (USA)
  • One-on-One Basketball (USA)
  • Pete Rose Baseball (USA)
  • Planet Smashers (USA)
  • Pole Position II (USA)
  • Rampage (USA)
  • RealSports Baseball (USA)
  • Robotron - 2084 (USA)
  • Scrapyard Dog (USA)
  • Sentinel (Europe)
  • Summer Games (USA)
  • Super Huey UH-1X (USA)
  • Super Skateboardin' (USA)
  • Tank Command (USA)
  • Title Match Pro Wrestling (USA)
  • Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (USA)
  • Touchdown Football (USA)
  • Tower Toppler (USA)
  • Water Ski (USA)
  • Winter Games (USA)
  • Xenophobe (USA)
  • Xevious (USA)



Video Snap Sample


Atari 7800 Default Platform Video


Atari 7800 EmuMovies Parallax platform video


EmuMovies Atari 7800 Download Section

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