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AMD working just fine


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I built an arcade cabinet with hyperspin and a few of my favorite games with the needed emulators. I use an atom based old mini PC in there.
For a while I was looking to upgrade because I would like to play wii and PS2 games too.
I kept reading AMD isn't working all that well, but my main PC (for just casual gaming and surfing the web) is an AMD PC.

AMD 7850K
8Gb DDR3 2133
Radeon RX480 (I know this is a weird one, but it was a gift from my wife. Now the CPU is a huge bottleneck I think)
Samsung NVME M.2 128Gb SSD
External 2TB USB3.0 HDD

I installed PCSX2 legacy and Dolphin 5.0 just to see if it would work... aaaand it WORKS GREAT. Other emulators for older systems (Sega, Nintendo) are working too.
Don't know if that's lucky, but there were no problems at all. So don't write off AMD just yet. This setup works perfectly.

Bonus question:
So this system is going to be build into the cabinet. I would like to use the RX480 in my new PC.
Which second hand GPU should I get to keep playing/emulating PS2 and Wii(U) games?
Maybe an old GTX 960?

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