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HyperHQ and TAB control

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My control board uses an IPAC4 preconfigured to MAME.  So the "Menu" button is TAB.

I've been kicking around ideas for how to map HyperSpin given my board, and I've settled on using the menu button to launch into HyperSpin genres.

So when I go into HyperHQ and try to set the genre field, I hit "set" and then hit tab.  It then literally tabs back over to the set button rather than register the tab key in the field.

Is TAB just a key that HyperHQ can't hande for this function?  is there perhaps a ini or config file I can tweak?  I looked but didn't find one.

Thank you for your help.

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You can edit the Px Controls section in the HyperSpin/Settings/Settings.ini and set Genre=9 for tab.

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