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Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with IPAC


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I managed to get this to work with one player via IPAC keyboard controllers but the game doesn't allow you to map a 2nd player with keyboard. I tried looking into xbox360ce etc. to see if I could get them to work but had no luck. Has anybody had any luck getting this to work on their setup? I was thinking about trying a PAC LINK adapter but wasn't sure if that would be what I need.

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I'm using vjoy and x360ce for MvC3, MvCI, and SFV. It had these games working with Direct Input but then they stopped for some strange reason after reboot. I switched over to x360ce and it's working fine.

Credit to Donannis over on reddit, this works perfectly though:

SFV, MvC3, MvCI, etc workaround for 2 players

Be sure you're using the batch scripts with the right path. I messed around with deleting the HID enable/disable bit and had controller issues when vjoy was disabled. Use the scripts as is with the right directory paths and you should be fine.

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