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"how-to item" in hyperspin

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hi folks,

i'm pretty sure my question has an aswer somewhere around here, but my bad english didn't help me to find it

i want to add an item in the 1st-level wheel which will launch an exe (such as hypersearch for exemple)

this exe will only be  a pdf file, or even a jpeg, to show users which button ar for the pause/genre/favorite/coins... etc


of course some already did it huh?

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ok, due to popular demand, here is my own solution:

- create a new item in hyperHQ (choose a name... "howto" for me) as a new executable (not a subwheel)

- leave the executable path empty

- copy whatever theme and rename it (howto for me)

- empty the howto theme zip, just keep "background.png"

-create/custom/edit background.png with whatever youy want to show to the users



when you spin on the "howto" item, it shows the infos your user need

when your execute it, nothing happen




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