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wheel purpose

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if there are wheels like the cave wheel the capcom classics wheel konami classics wheel and neogeo wheel that have the libraries of games made for those systems then why have wheels like the final alpha burn wheel? 

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Versatility? Ease of setup? It is relatively easy to setup a wheel with one emulator, so rather than having a system wheel, some people would prefer to have a wheel for an emulator. That way, they put their games in the wheel that runs it best, rather than the wheel for the system it is from.

Of course, with the "alternative emulator" option you could just throw them all in same wheel, but this takes a bit more time to do so You can understand someone wanting to skip

Also, some people like the theming of particular emulators, so prefer to build their setup that way.

Guess a shorter answer could have been "why not?". Is what makes this hobby interesting; you can set things up however u want 😃

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