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Sync OK but missing videos and some images


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I do not understand something when using Hypersync.

For example, I tried to sync Sammy Atomiswave, I add it in HyperHQ, I go to HyperSync in media config, I activate Sammy A., it links automatically to my HS entry.

I update the DB, click "default all", in the tab "video", I put "sync videos" & "sync intros" to ON. I close. I re-open to verify, still at ON.

I launch the sync, everything goes well ... and when I launch HyperSpin, I get the Main Menu entry for Sammy OK, all Artwork seems OK but I have only the video for the first game in the list.

I do not understand why, as :

- Full game audit is OK

- Videos are present on emumovies

- It works for other consoles (but I do not have this problem only for Sammy)

On some others, I get the same problem + only the 1st wheel game image. I do not understand.

Any ideas?

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You could check your hypersync cloud log file to see what it actually synced when you synced that particular system. Did you check the c:\hyperspin\media\Sammy Atomiswave\Video folder? Are there 26 files in there? If you download the files manually from emu movies do they load up if they are not there? Where is your hyperspin installed to?

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