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  1. You will need to define your list of games you are including in your arcade classics. Once that is defined then you can pick the emulator that is best suited for each game. Mostly that will be mame as that plays a majority of the games. Then if you want model 2 games like house of the dead then you would need the model2 emulator for that. And on down the line for different games. Alternatively you can look at what games are supported on emulators of the arcade genre and see if those qualify as classics and add the per system emulators and games. In the end if you keep it simple then it’s just mame. You want some newer classics sprinkled in then demul, model2, model3, singe, etc may be required. Good luck
  2. Maybe you are running it as administrator? Or if not, test running as administrator. Good luck
  3. https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarchblissbox-partnership/ https://bliss-box.net/ Never used it but was all the rage for a bit.
  4. In my opinion the best way is something like this: https://www.retronicdesign.com/en/buy-it-now/ And using a real controller. I personally have never used that retronic one. I did build a retropie setup with this: http://2600-daptor.com/Vision-daptor.htm and a colecovision flashback console for a relative who is a colecovision nut. Personally I have computer systems on my setup so I have a keyboard handy at all times so I just use that to play some of those colecovision games. However from what I setup for my relative and based on the feedback from that, the main thing with colecovision and intellivision games beyond just using the buttons on the number pad is the overlays for the numberpad. Having the overlays to know what the buttons do is critical. My relative actually collects the overlays now so they have them for the controllers for playing the games on retropie. Couple sites with overlays: http://www.steverd.com/overcol/coleover.htm https://atariage.com/forums/topic/150406-interest-check-in-colecovision-overlay-fabrication/?tab=comments#comment-1836465 good luck
  5. I have a synology and use active backup to do image based backups of the entire computer. I do 6 months of weekly snap shots. Then replicate that offsite to another synology at a relatives house Incase my place burns down. Allows me the ability to restore the computer via a usb drive back to the way (usb boot connects to synology then I can choose what snapshot to restore from)it was at that snapshots point in time. If I made changes more I would do it more frequently. Good luck.
  6. Maybe start with removing images to see if it’s a bad image causing it to crash. Remove carts Remove boxes Remove wheels Maybe letter o has a bad image? Or review the letter o images to ensure no corrupt ones. Just an idea. Good luck.
  7. http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/1548-looking-at-building-custom-aimtrak-wheel-for-myself/
  8. I am resetting rl up. When I set key 1 for player 1 start it shows it. When I launch the game it’s still using enter. Player 2 sets properly. Right now I am just testing via launching my ahh script and will use that with pc launcher
  9. Mine won’t let me change start key for player 1 from enter. I have both guns working fine though
  10. The xml is in the thread I posted. So I would urge you to review the entire thread.
  11. Have a look here at this Looking at Building Custom Aimtrak Wheel for myself
  12. I use demulshooter instead now a days. I got rid of troubleshooter. I would test that.
  13. Version 2


    Commodore 64 2D Boxes 12-10-2017
  14. Version 2.0


    C64 Wheel Update 06192017 C64_Wheel_Update_102317.zip
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