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removing unwanted artwork/videos


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I apologize if this has been asked/answered elsewhere but after searching I couldn't find an answer.

I've noticed that HyperSync pulls down ALL artwork for ALL games on a system. I'm trying to squeeze as much as possible onto a 64gb SSD and I'm picking my top games for each system rather than trying to have complete collections. I have created custom XML files so my wheels are correct but the artwork for unused games is still being synced and is taking up a lot of space.

My question is: Is it possible (or is there a simple 3rd party app) to delete/move all of the unused artwork and videos that do not have corresponding roms (or entries in the xml file)? It makes sense to me to be able to sync what's actually used in your xml file and not waste space. This option would also save the HS/EM folks lots of bandwidth... for example rather than pulling down 4000+ files for MAME I really only needed about 300.

Just figured I'd ask before digging through them all manually. Cheers.

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I always use the above program, it's great.

It will scan all your folders and check it against your XML. On the right hand side is a button labeled "Move unneeded roms or media to subfolder" just click that and select what you want to remove and it will put anything thats not in the XML into a subfolder called "unneeded" - just delete that folder when done.

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