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  1. urbangangsta101


  2. urbangangsta101

    HyperSpin 1.4 Beta

    thanks dark!
  3. urbangangsta101

    HyperSpin 1.4 Beta

    I'm probably being dumb, but where can I get the latest version of this beta? the Download section only shows me 005?
  4. urbangangsta101

    are the older threads gone forever?

    Admins, Since my old threads got deleted, would it be ok for me to upload my Xbox 360 Controller Configs for Model 2, Model 3, Atomiswave & Naomi to the main Downloads section? They took a long time to create and I know that a lot of people found them to be a big time saver. It would help new members locate them easier.
  5. urbangangsta101

    are the older threads gone forever?

    I love Hyperspin/Hyperlaunch but the new website really isn't that great. Most of the best posts are gone and it's frickin' impossible to find anything.... Sad times.
  6. urbangangsta101

    DEMUL - Full Xbox 360 Controls for NAOMI and Atomiswave - Enjoy!

    This only covers Xbox 360 Controls
  7. urbangangsta101

    DEMUL - Full Xbox 360 Controls for NAOMI and Atomiswave - Enjoy!

    Are you going into the Demul controller configuration before playing? That seems to disable the mouse for me until I restart the emulator. The mouse should work without changing anything. You could try replacing your padDemul.ini with a fresh copy if you are having problems...
  8. urbangangsta101

    DEMUL - Full Xbox 360 Controls for NAOMI and Atomiswave - Enjoy!

    Thanks! Should work fine as I have tested them on multiple Hyperspin PC's with no issues
  9. urbangangsta101

    DEMUL - Full Xbox 360 Controls for NAOMI and Atomiswave - Enjoy!

    I would but I only use them for the 4 'Trackball' style games as I have an Aimtrak lightgun for the rest. Shouldn't take you long to configure them as they are only a few buttons each (instructions in the PDF) the lightgun games can be copy/paste as the controls are exactly the same for each.
  10. This has been one looooooong project.... I have uploaded a full set of DEMUL v0.5.8 Control configurations for Xbox 360 Controllers (Should work on older versions of the emulator too!) You will find them on the FTP under upload here\urbangangsta101\Demul Xbox 360 Controls\ (If you don't have FTP access, you can also find it here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hlgqlz) This set covers ALL working games from the following XML's - SEGA NAOMI v1.2 XML - SAMMY ATOMISWAVE v1.1 XML I have spent a great deal of time researching/configuring/testing each and every game on the XML to get the best possible controller layout. Most games keep the layout from their matching console port on the Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox 360. Other games have been configured to whatever felt the most natural layout. I have included PDF documents that detail all of the controls (The Atomiswave PDF looks different as I made it over a year ago!). I have also included nvram files containing fixes/configurations for games that need them. Installation is easy, you simply drop the 'Demul (v0.5.8).ini' into your 'Hyperlaunch\Modules\Demul' folder and then the 'nvram' folder into your Demul Emulator folder. Hyperlaunch will automatically use the 'Demul (v0.5.8).ini' to map the controls every time a game is launched. There are a handful of games that require Xpadder to map the controls to the Xbox 360 controller - this is because Demul is coded to use the mouse for these games. (See the included 'demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf' for instructions) Please let me know if there are any problems/mistakes and I will do my best to correct them. All feedback appreciated
  11. urbangangsta101

    Hello from BadBoyBill

    Welcome back BBB!
  12. Sounds like you have a bad install, -Download a new Sega Saturn.xml from here -Put this in your C:\Hyperspin\Databases\Sega Saturn folder and overwrite the original -Pull the latest version of Hyperlaunch using GIT. -Replace your existing SSF Module folder with the new copy you just downloaded from GIT -Now, to get a perfect setup for SSF... 1.) Delete your SSF emulator folder and extract a new/fresh one in it's place 2.) Start SSF, Adjust your Audio, Controller and the EZ-Settings (i set mine to 'Very High') - DO NOT TOUCH THE VIDEO SETTINGS 3.) Set all HyperlaunchHQ SSF Module settings back to thier defaults (This will already be done if you have put a new copy of the module into place as instructed above) 4.) If you want the game to be 4:3, you are done. If you want the picture to loose the aspect (to fill the screen on a widescreen monitor) Enable ONLY the Widescreen option on the HyperlaunchHQ SSF Module settings. 5.) Play. Thats how i have always set mine up, never had any problems. Games work/display the same every time.
  13. urbangangsta101

    Did I just waste $45 ?

    That is correct at the moment, Seems to be a problem when using the current official XML. Using a custom/filtered XML works fine.
  14. urbangangsta101

    Guide: How to make Demul run at decent speeds

    Using the correct Demul ROM set as it's different than the current MAME set.
  15. urbangangsta101

    Guide: How to make Demul run at decent speeds

    I'm currently working on a Demul complete per-game control setup for the Xbox 360 Controller. Atomiswave is complete, Naomi in progress... Will share when i'm finished...