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Couple Questions...Need Help


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I bought a custom cabinet that someone made and I'm familiarizing myself with the software.  I added the Daphne emulator and roms...got a feel for how that sort of works, but I have a couple questions.

1.  How do you resolve games not working?  Like none of the NFL Blitz games will come up...they just go back to the wheel.  Same with Simpsons Bowling...and there are a number of games like that.

2.  Along those same lines...my trackball doesn't seem to be recognized by Golden Tee when trying to move it left or right (to switch clubs or too hook/slice the ball).  I can't seem to get that resolved.

3.  When I go to the MAME emulator to play games from...there is like 35,000 games in there...but I don't have them all on my wheel.  I don't want them all on the wheel, but I'm wondering how do I move more over.  The ones that are in the Hyperspin wheel look like they are highlighted in white text...but I can't find any controls on how do make something highlighted.

I think that's all my questions for now...appreciate the help.

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