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Hyperspin and Supermodel raw input issue


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Hi all.

I have 2 aimtraks working great in supermodel jurassic park, working recoil, no issues there. Hyperspin working great, have been using this software for years, dont often ask for help as I usually figure things out :)

The issue I have is I cant exit the supermodel emulator and get back to Hyperspin. Esc key exits the game and works fine from keyboard. I have tried xpadder and joy2key and tested the esc mapping in windows fine but when in supermodel emulation it doesnt work. If I disable raw input in supermodel then it works great and I can exit but I need raw input for the aimtrak guns to work in dual mode. I have also tried enabling direct input and raw input at the same time but the direct input over rides the raw input and the guns fail.

I have also tried AHK scripts but they dont work at raw input level either.


1. Can I force joy2key to provide commands via raw input?

2. Does anyone know some fancy AHK script to provide raw input key commands. Not just the basic raw AHK command as that doesnt work either?

There has got to be somebody out there with a hyperspin setup using dual aimtraks and multiple emulators.

For now I have just done a keyboard hardware hack ;)



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