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Future pinball backglass full screen when played in future pinball, but shrunk when played in hyperpin

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Hello to all fellow pinball enthusiasts!  I’ve spent most of my time on the hyper spin side, but now have a pinball cab I’m trying to perfect.  I’ve searched for an answer to this, but to no avail!  I know it must be something simple that I’m missing....


I’m away from home at the moment, but can post screenshots if it helps.  

Basically future pinball backglass is perfect in Future Pinball, but when selected in hyperpin, the sides are not full screen.  I have full screen and arcade mode selected in preferences in future pinball.... is there a similar setting adjustment that I’m missing in hyperpin?

thanks ahead of time for your time in responding... and sorry ahead of time if this is covered in a topic previously that I’m not seeing!




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