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Cant get a theme to show on main wheel and system wheel in HyperSpin

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Thanks in Advance, 

For the life of me i dont understand why i cant get his to work/ I added "Bandai WonderSwan Color" as a system in RLUI and built the necessary steps to make it work in and out of Rl and HS, but for so reason the media does not want to show up. i finally i got the name to of system to recognize in main wheel of HS, I got the game names to show in the in the sub wheel of BWSC. The thing i can not figure out is why the theme will populate in the main wheel and the sub wheel allowing the the main video and video snaps and box to be shown. i have tried different themes, checked file structures, checked names,searched forums, just about everything i can think of. Im really at my wits end here. Any insight would be nice



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