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Hypersync downloads art for all roms


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Hello there!

I've configured hypersync and syncing game wheel art right now.

It seems hypersync is download wheel art for EVERY rom available, not just for the roms i have. Is this the default behaviour?

I've entered my romdir (containing ~350 SNES Roms) clicked on sync and it's downloading ~700 files, including games i don't have.

I don't want to waste too much space for roms i'm not interested in.

Btw, what are all the other options good for?

What are themes (per rom)? what are the sounds?

I'm also quite confused about cartridge / box art. Per default artwork3 is preselected for box art and artwork 4 for cartridge art. I've downloaded boxart already with emumovies and put it in artwork4, as there was a text file saying "put boxart in here". why is it artwork3 is preselected? I've moved my boxart to artwork3 and it wasn't shown anymore....

What is the system theme / intro movie for the main section for? This was included in hyperspin?

P.S: I'm going to post an introduction thread with my self made cab soon :)

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Thx for the reply!

If it uses the database, is this also applicable for the videos? So does this mean, when i sync videos with hypersync videos for games i don't have are downloaded? If so, using the emumovies client would be better, right?

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