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  1. Can I ask for an updated version for all the tables? I also made a fusion of the fx2 module on the RL forum. Had some problems (timings and keys) with navigating the horrible TPA GUI. Would like to try this one. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  2. Yes. Only difference is to set the module to the bam launcher.exe
  3. BAM also loads xml files to load up better physics. Its a must have
  4. Use the vanilla fp release with the latest BAM version.
  5. Use the vanilla fp release with the latest BAM version.
  6. marxkemp

    Iwant Friend!!

    Are you leaving me, Pig? No!!
  7. Version 15.10.2015


    Balls of Glory
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    Im in clearing all cache and cookies
  9. marxkemp


    Also disabled and cleared some cookies already. Ill try again later
  10. I believe there was a 3rd party script to change them
  11. Yes. Use alternate emulator function in RLUI. Check the rocketlauncher forums website for more info
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