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Need Help With Pedestal Arcade Base Dimensions

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Anyone have this type of cabinet (Extreme Home) that they can provide the measurements on for the base? I am not good at woodworking and appreciate any help to just get me started. This looks like the easiest to cut out. Thank you. 




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    • By alphaomegacode
      Hey Gang,
      What companies would you recommend to purchase a Pedestal Arcade?  As time has marched on and with 4 kids, a few full time job, and family company, there has been no time to do this myself.
      I have seen machines from Extreme Home Arcades, and they look amazing.  Does anyone have an opinion of this company and their products?  Or does anyone have any experience with any other Pedestal Arcade makers?
      Thanks for your help!
    • By ouguitarman
      Hey Guys,
      I wanted to share this hyperspin pedestal I built.
      Sorry, the video is 11 min long to show most of the features. Get a coffee or beer.Some additional information on it
      Dual Guns from Arcadeguns.com
      Trackball from GameRoomSolutions.com
      2 Player LED Control Panel kit from GameRoomSolutions.com
      Logitech G25 and G27 Wheels
      House of the Dead Games on PC
      Driving games on DreamCast
      Shooting and Driving Games on PS2 (pcsx)
      XBMC for media center
      Also using controllerremap to scan usb devices so enumeration stays correct and peripherals do not get out of sync.
    • By purcho
      Hi Guys,
      I thought I'd add my cabinet to the ranks. It's a customised pedestal design that I got from Arcadeworx here in Australia.
      I thought I'd combine two of the things I really enjoy
      1) Old school gaming
      2) The metal band Slayer
      There's a long way to go before she's complete but here's the specs of what I've got so far:
      IL clear translucent pushbuttons
      chrome led pushbuttons, not sure what brand.
      Zippyy joysicks
      Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball
      I-pac2 encoder
      32" samsung LCD TV
      I haven't decided on artwork yet or whether I'll even use any at all, but here's a few pics

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