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Rocketlauncher & ipac profiles


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I am so close to having Injustice 2 & Dragonball Fighterz working in my cab finally. I just need to straighten this out.

I’ve been playing around with multi mode on the ipac & realized I can finally get these games working 2 player in xinput mode. But the ipac doesn’t change profiles automatically when you change modes through the hotkey combos.

So I need a way to make my xinput.ipc load up & force reconfigure when I load these games up. Then when the games are exited, have the ipac load my keyboard.ipc & force reconfigure so everything else works again. I’m positive this could be done through the prelaunch/postexit options I just wouldn’t know how to go about writing the scripts for this. Would anyone who has done this mind posting what th

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ey did?

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