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HyperSpin Wont boot


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Hi all trying to install Hyperspin to Windows 10 and it wont boot just doesn't kick in.I've added the sxs.dil but it hasent changed anything.  Here's the log 

12:07:26 PM |  HyperSpin Started 
12:07:26 PM |  Going windowed mode 
12:07:26 PM |  Checking for updates 
12:07:26 PM |  Update Check Complete 
12:07:26 PM |  Startup program unavailable 
12:07:26 PM |  Playing intro video 
12:07:28 PM |  Error intializing joysticks 
12:07:28 PM |  Menu Mode is multi 
12:07:28 PM |  Loading Main Menu.xml 
12:07:28 PM |  Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 
12:07:29 PM |  Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 
12:07:34 PM |  Exit program unavailable 
12:07:34 PM |  Quiting Hyperspin 
12:07:34 PM |  Bye! 

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