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Question about controller setup


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Long story short, i am like alot of people working on my arcade cabinet.

Currently i was able to pick up a quasicade pro cabinet and controller.


Everything is functional and not issues with it. The only i have is i am wanting to upgrade the controller a bit and add in a trackball.

I have a Xarcade with trackball sitting in my closet currently (purchased it then was bestowed upon the quasicade arcade).

Also have USB NES, USB SNES, USB N64, and planning on purchasing Lightguns.

Any suggestions on upgrading the controller, or would it be better to just start a new ?

Was thinking about rewiring everything ti an Ipac controller or to a Howler arcade controller.

I do like having two digital sticks as well as 1 analog stick currently and would like to keep that functionally if possible.

I am not planning on using it for consoles, just my pc emulator project.

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

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