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  1. Greetings, I have been running Hyperspin 1.0 for a few years now and I noticed that on my barebones WIndows XP laptop that Hyperspin does not accept keyboard input on automatic startup of my system. I have an app shortcut in the startup folder on my start menu. This is a problem with I control the system with only the joystick and the laptop is inside the cabinet. My workaround is using my phone or another laptop to use TightVNC to grab mouse input to activate input on the app. There are no other apps grabbing keyboard focus to my knowledge. Only microsoft security essentials and Intel WIreless App is running besides Hyperspin. My System: DELL Latitude 520 Windows XP Pro SP3 2GB Ram 4 player XMEN cab 2 x X-Arcade USB and PS2 keyboard input modules wired into 4 player joysticks and buttons. Would love for this to be a seamless experience. Anyone have a solution for powering on a system locked in a cabinet? I have to reach into mine with a ski pole to power it on. - AaronWPI
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