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  1. gkny

    Hlsl file

    Hello, I haven't messed with Mame for awhile. I'm back into it and been seeing a lot about hlsl file making games look better. My question is can it be used in mame4droid and if so where do I place the file and how do I set it up. Thanks for any help
  2. gkny


    Is that version working with controller and at full speed
  3. gkny


    I'll just redownload cdi versions. Thanks for your help guys
  4. gkny


    What I'm not getting is when I downloaded games in gdi format they came with bin and raw files. I can play them. If I put them all in the roms folder the bin and raw files overwrite each other. I don't know does that make sense. If I get rid of the bin and raw files and just have the gdi file the game won't play. So I'm trying to figure out how do I use all the games I have in gdi format
  5. gkny


    Thanks for help sting. I'm trying to understand how to use the program to check my xml file. Can u explain to me why cdi files show up in wheel and not gdi. Should each game be in its own subfolder inside dreamcast/roms folder along with the bin & raw files? If I take only the gdi file out of the folder and place inside dreamcast/ roms folder hyperspin wheel shows it but when I get to reicast and choose it, it kicks me back to hyperspin wheel. Do you use gdi files that show in the hyperspin wheel. I downloaded a new xml from hyper list but same problem
  6. gkny


    All but 2 of my games are gdi. I would hate to redownload all games.Trying to figure out why I can't see them on the game wheel but when I choose one of the 2 games I have in cdi it takes me to the reicast games menu and then I can choose the gdi game. Just don't know why I can't see them in the hyperspin game wheel
  7. gkny


    It's funny, just when I think I understand how to set all this up I run into another issue. With the gdi file they also come with other files. Do I put all them all in their own folder and name it the same as the game or do I use the gdi file by itself
  8. gkny


    Trying to set up dreamcast. I Downloaded a game and I has a gdi file along with other files. I placed them in a folder and named it the same as the xml name. It works but I can't get it to show up in the hyperspin game wheel. I have 2 Cdi file games and they do show up in the game wheel. All my other games are gdi. Is there a way to have the gdi files show up in the game wheel. My ini file is set to gdi,cdi
  9. I'm running out of room on my sd card and want to get an external usb hard drive. Do I just copy over all my files and it will work or do I need to make changes to the file path?
  10. gkny


    I spoke to soon. Yesterday after setting it up it ran smooth. Now today slow. Don't know what happened
  11. gkny


    How Did it work for you.i originally saw your post about the config files so I tried and worked great. Is it running smooth for you
  12. gkny


    I downloaded optimized version from freeemulators.com set up controller and saved config files. Deleted that and installed latest build copied over config files and controller is working. Tried 4 games and all run smooth.
  13. gkny


    Is there an older build that supported controllers
  14. Reinstalled retroarch and all is working again.
  15. Thanks for the answer. I'm sure I did something I didn't realize and can't figure out how to fix. Could I delete retroarch and reinstall. Do you think this will solve problem
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