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  1. Ok I found the .ini informing the name that the game folder should have up to where I know the exodos and a pack that comes several games of two I'm testing the game doom I put both compressed and uncompressed but it does not find the folder
  2. pac00zilla

    msdos help

    Hello, I would like to know how to include msdos games in rocketlauncher. and also include some .bat files to automate some things like swapping dosbox-0.74.conf file in msdos I already asked in the rocketlauncher forum, nobody else answered
  3. How did you succeed in executing them in retroartch? Can you show me how you managed to configure it?
  4. the way and ask in the forum of rocketlauncher, the problem that it takes for someone to respond
  5. I was taking a closer look and look what he is running !!!
  6. I downloaded the core that you said and described it as follows Sega Naomi | LibRetro_BeetleDC | beetle-dc_libretro but the error I think the description in .ahk is wrong and I have no idea what the correct one is.
  7. I see on youtube the staff use the retorarch with reicast and the quality of the emulation and much better: He demu too much lag
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying to configure the naomi and atomiswave platforms in the retroartch via rocketlauncher, but I'm not able to execute the emulator game until it locks up, in the .ahk of the emulator I configured naomi as follows Sega Naomi | LibRetro_NAOMI | reicast_libretro I do not know if this is correct, it probably can be what is causing the problem already the atomiswave I did not even configure it since I could not even configure naomi yet if anyone knows how I solve this impasse I'm grateful I already have the bios of the 2 systems confirm print attach.
  9. I'm having trouble making the configuration of the controls of these two systems they do not pull the configuration of the control of the emulator the configuration must be made the part in the rocktlaucher but they accept only numbers and not keys or buttons of the control of the 360. From what I saw I should put the numerical code of the control + the code number of the buttons and I wanted to know where I can get this code?
  10. problem solved, I ended up opting for retroarch
  11. na verdade eu ja tentei todos e nenhum deu certo, vou tentar a nova versão e ja te falo
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