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  1. 48 minutes ago, Spawk said:

    IMO the exodos set is the easiest way. Has all the configs done for you already. Games are stored compressed and can be installed automatically through included "Meagre" program. All conf files done for you already. RL has a module, read the notes.

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    Ok I found the .ini informing the name that the game folder should have

    up to where I know the exodos and a pack that comes several games of two

    I'm testing the game doom I put both compressed and uncompressed

    but it does not find the folder

  2. Hello, I would like to know how to include msdos games in rocketlauncher.

    and also include some .bat files to automate some things like swapping dosbox-0.74.conf file in msdos


    I already asked in the rocketlauncher forum, nobody else answered


  3. 1 hour ago, Honosuseri said:

    He should be playing the games in RA first, make sure they work before worrying about Hyperspin. Looks like he hasn't spelled the core name correctly to me. 

    I do Atomiswave with the beetledc core, Sega Naomi 1 can use the same core. Dreamcast has a beetledc_wince core as well now. I've added all 3 to a custom retroarch ahk and they all do work. 

    Atomiswave I have games that were converted to Naomi.bin files. These launch directly now, in the past we had to make "lst" files. 

    Naomi only works with non-merged rom sets. Think it was around 120 games working last I checked. 

    Dreamcast I have gdi converted to CHD and some obscure games are in the cdi format. 


    How did you succeed in executing them in retroartch?

    Can you show me how you managed to configure it?

  4. 1 hour ago, Honosuseri said:

    I've been using RetroArch to do Atomiswave games on my phone for a year or so. The core is now BeetleDC not Reicast. 

    The OP isn't asking whether it works on RetroArch. It's that Rocket launcher doesn't see RetroArch as a default emulator for Atomiswave/Dreamcast/Naomi. So they're struggling to launch the games through Hyperspin. 

    The OP should really be asking in the rocket launcher forums for assistance with ahk files. I'm away from my PC so can't get to my modules for RL


    I downloaded the core that you said and described it as follows

    Sega Naomi | LibRetro_BeetleDC | beetle-dc_libretro

    but the error

    Sem título.jpg


    I think the description in .ahk is wrong and I have no idea what the correct one is.

  5. 8 hours ago, dejarik said:


    I just saw this topic and i was curious about it

    i did a test and can confirm to you that it works

    maybe you are missing the correct bios ?

    did you put the bios files in RetroArch\system\dc

    you need to create a dc folder for it to work.

    yes I put it in the dc folder


    Hi everyone, I'm trying to configure the naomi and atomiswave platforms in the retroartch via rocketlauncher, but I'm not able to execute the emulator game until it locks up, in the .ahk of the emulator I configured naomi as follows

    Sega Naomi | LibRetro_NAOMI | reicast_libretro

    I do not know if this is correct, it probably can be what is causing the problem already the atomiswave I did not even configure it since I could not even configure naomi yet if anyone knows how I solve this impasse I'm grateful I already have the bios of the 2 systems confirm print attach.



    I'm having trouble making the configuration of the controls of these two systems they do not pull the configuration of the control of the emulator the configuration must be made the part in the rocktlaucher but they accept only numbers and not keys or buttons of the control of the 360.

    From what I saw I should put the numerical code of the control + the code number of the buttons and I wanted to know where I can get this code?

  8. 16 minutes ago, Aorin said:

    A mensagem que aparece, está pedindo pra você executar o emulador uma vez fora do RocketLauncher e configurar tudo o que precisa, o emulador vai criar os arquivos "ini" necessários pro módulo do PS2 funcionar.

    Você diz Retroarch, mas PS2 mesmo só existe praticamente um emulador, o PCSX2.

    eu quis dizer PCSX2 eu errei, então já tinha feito o que vc falou e mesmo assim não rolou.


    I am facing some problems to run sega cd games in hyperspin + rocketlauncher out of the frontend and it is possible to emulate sega cd games usually more in frontend the emulator executes and does not exit the system BIOS as if the game was not compatible with both the module and the emulator are compatible.

  10. 49 minutes ago, Leonardo said:

    Qual versão do Emulador?
    Somente a 0.12 R4 é livre de trocentos bugs e esse emulador já não é o melhor...

    mesma coisa, porem com a nova versão o xmen vs street fighter que esta em formato ccd funciona pelo frontend porem com o mesmo erro gráfico do do sfzero2gold so que no emulador sem o frontend esse problema não ocorre e alguma configuração do modulo

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