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  1. I'm not giving up but, I also think my rig will never be done. Partly because how OCD I am about having complete artwork and video. So for all the systems I want, I have to pare down each romset to the ones that I can find art for, or that are readily available. For some systems, like Aquarius and Apple II...this sucks It's been a month for me and all my media is not set for all my systems in HS, let alone RL. Then after that long road, I get to work out wrinkles in my attempts for full navigation with bluetooth gamepads...A pleasant wormhole all on it's own FUN! And lastly, I wait for the day libretro makes either 1 - a Demul port Or 2 - adds Naomi/2 and Atomiswave support to the windows Reicast build
  2. Hey GP thanks for the reply. I'm using MAME .171 I haven't tried GL are the settings entered the same way by editing the .ini file similar to HLSL? I'm an idiot when it comes to understanding what values do what in the config files. I just punched in someone elses settings for HLSL becaus e I really liked the way they looked.
  3. I am currently stress testing my rig for MAME and HLSL settings. With Blitz 2k, my cpu (i5-4460) can handle it 100% without sweating, however, with the HLSL settings I plugged in...the Intel HD 4400 embedded gpu was crying uncle in no time. So, a discreet gpu is in order. Will this be sufficient? http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E16814500337
  4. Yes, it's a lifesaver One thing I haven't figured out yet (and Rob is, relatively, slow getting around to emails)..id how to assign a combination keystroke in the command editor. i.e., ALT+X (exit in VICE64) assigned to START button on the gamepad. Ah, you're using Emma for Studio II Why not MESS?
  5. I'm confused as to why you couldn't set an exclusion for Hyperspin with RCA Studio II. So this way when you exit the Studio II emulator, it should swap back to the HS profile. Provided HS profile is the default one? I ask because I am in the middle of configuring Padstarr for navigation through HS exclusively via gamepad and, IMO, it is by far the best option.
  6. Thank you much, friends. @albert_c - I'm going to take a stab at groovyMAME. Will post results. Thanks again all
  7. I'm looking for a healthy compromise as my interests cover Donkey Kong up to SF4 and all in between. But I think you're probably correct in MAMEs AR is going to be the best bet. Playing PacMan with the pixel aspect ratio setting (or standard for that matter) isn't unbearable by any means. I guess I get caught up in a lot if the purist propaganda.
  8. @JoyStickKilla -b55, was a typo actually. Pretty sure the dilemma stays the same. @Avar - I guess, in a nutshell. But I see some builds of MAME are optimized more for soecific displays. I.e, groovyMAME is supposed to be the final word for a CRT I believe I read somewhere AdvMAME was best for LCD/LED. Also, I'm looking to utilize HLSL shaders and someone told don't even bother on a display that large because it will look like crap.
  9. Firstly I'm not building a cab. This is going to be a build on a 65 inch 4k display in my home theater. Setting the resolutions for all the other emulators is simple enough. Just set the resolution configure the emulator to launch in full screen and done. If only it was this simple with MAME. In my research all of the information has been overwhelming regarding MAME and the multiple resolutions for various emulated cabinets combined with endless types of displays and other variables. Is there a simple(lol) solution to go about configuring MAME to launch games in their native resolution and launch them in full screen that are optimal for my display? Even if I have to configure video settings on a ROM by ROM basis that is fine as long as the settings adhere on each subsequent launch.
  10. By the way, if you don't mind I would like to know what the benefits of a clean CRC set are. I've grappled with the idea and really the main reason is I don't want to manually prune down all my sets again. Especially the insanely, unweildly sets like MAME, Apple II and Commodore 64. But if the pros outweight the cons I suppose it's worth considering.
  11. Silly question...just need some confirmation. I'm in a similar situation, albeit much more drastic than the OP. I have rom sets for every emulator I plan to configure in HS, these are my rom sets from years which have all been cleaned up to remove all the rom codes. Would I use Don's tools to create a DB for my rom set, for a respective emulator, then use rom renamer to rename each corresponding media set? I don't want to re-download rom sets for the sake of matching naming conventions as I've already pruned all my sets down so that they are all playable and neat.
  12. Hi, Thanks for the link but it doesn't exactly answer my question. Is there exclusive media available for donating members or is it just faster access to the same content available to standard members? I'm guessing since it doesn't state it explicitly in the package details that the answer is no?
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