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  1. Ok folks, I finally got time and finished my cabinet. I'll post some Picts soon.
  2. Looks like Virtua Pin has the Mot-Ion and plunger kits back in stock... already ordered mine... Now to get the rest of this stuff done... like drilling all the button holes and finishing painting and configuring the cabinet, as well as getting the speaker panel design finalized and rearranging the backbox hardware to support the displays. Lots of work to get done... And I haven't even thought about LED's and feedback yet... and whether I want to use an IPAC for my buttons of settle for the 16 inputs of the Mot-Ion controller... BH
  3. Well, I have been working on getting the hardware for the cabinet finalized, and I have been working on the backbox designs... I figure I can have Mameman CNC me a back box inner board that will have VESA mounting holes to mount the Samsung 27" monitor on. More later... BH
  4. Just posted some pics of the Rollergames cabinet in the original post... BH
  5. I have some good news for anyone planning on using any of the same displays as I am. The Samsung T27A300 27" HDTV/Monitor will remember "on" state and turns off and on with the PC The AOC 15.6 LED monitor turns on and off with PC. The Vizio 37" display will turn on and off with the PC as long as the power to the monitor is not switched off and it's plugged in via VGA cable. So I have it plugged into a non switching power port on the auto off powerstrip. The Samsung and AOC are plugged into switched ports and turn on and off with the powerstrip which has the PC plugged into the Master port. I have been playing the crap out of JP's AFM and so my progress has slowed somewhat since I have been able to play in FS and I currently have been trying to RTU... I'm afraid to download any more tables right now since I might get even more sidetracked playing them, but the AFM has got my wife drooling and she can't wait to play it in the cabinet. I should have this thing done sometime this spring... I hope... BH
  6. Well I have two forces working to ensure the project succeeds. I have a wife who wants to play all her favorite pinball machines and I have a wife who will not let me spend this kind of money without there being a working product at the end. That being said, the hold up so far seems to be getting time to work on refurbishing the cabinet and waiting on a Mot-Ion board and plunger to come back in stock. I worked on refurbing the side rails for the cabinet and got all the old sticky adhesive tape off and polished them up a bit (not going for anything more than clean and mostly stain free) But these side rails are the big tall ones and there is a hole punched in it for the flipper buttons. I either need to get shorter rails or find a way to punch a hole for the magna save buttons in the stainless rails. Since I am using the Samsung T27A300 monitor for the backglass, and it has VESA mounting holes, I am not going to decase it, but mount it on a custom inner door which will use the original backbox hardware/hinge and allow me to "open" the door and swing the backglass monitor forward. This will give me access to the 26 inch display which sits directly behind it on a monitor lift system which can be activated to extend the 26" screen out the top of the backbox and display animated toppers or just play a movie or your favorite sports event. Yes, my cabinet will be cable ready. I figure a mancave device like this should provide double duty, and since putting a keg and a tap on it was kind of out of the question, I figure what the heck... I'm looking to use a Vizio wifi enabled 26" LED HTDV for the topper/HDTV display and then allow streaming of movies via Netflix and wifi without having to drive it from the PC (no need to tax the system just to play a movie) Now I havent yet decided if I am going to go with all the force feedback and LED flashers and bells and whistles like chris, But I am going for the sunk in playfield, 3 monitor setup (for VP). Currently the onboard audio for the motherboard is working fairly well, so I didn't need to use the soundcard (yet) but the Samsung drivers enabled audio out via the built in speakers of the backglass monitor so currently I will not need to install an amp and speakers to play. I intend on adding an amp and speakers eventually, but this will allow me to get it in the cabinet and playable without that much more expense. I need to get an LED-Wiz and possibly a shaker motor and h-bridge. I want to drive all the cabinet button lights and if I put any flashers on the machine they will be most likely similar to Jackbot's back splash flashers, under cabinet flashers, and maybe a set on top of the backbox, on the access cover to the 4th display. Either way, the first thing to get done is all the filler and sanding and painting and modifications to the backbox, then developing the playfield display mounting board (which is basically a blank piece of plywood that I mount the display to and hinge in the cabinet just like a real playfield) and how to mount the PC hardware. But I just had a minor epiffany... If I mount the playfield monitor on the TOP of the board, why can't I mount the PC hardware on the BOTTOM of the playfield board?
  7. Well this is going to be my official build thread for my cabinet. The story so far: I have a gutted Rollergames cabinet with all hardware... I have my displays and my computer: Vizio E370VP LED 37" for playfield Samsung T27A300 LED 27" for backglass AOC E1621SW LED 15.6" for DMD Intel Core I5 2500K 3.3ghz MSI P67a-gd65 B3 motherboard G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 EVGA 01G-P3-1372-TR GeForce GTX 460 Superclocked 1GB Graphics Card (PF & BG Display) Galaxy - GeForce GTX 460GC Superclocked 768MB Graphics Card (DMD & 4th monitor) OCZ Vertex 3 VTX3-25SAT3-90G 90GB SATA III SSD Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3 Hard Drive ASUS BD-R/DVD-R/CD-R 12X/16X/48X SATA Combo Drive CORSAIR H80 (CWCH80) High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CORSAIR TX750 750W PSU Still need: Mot-Ion Adapter board and Digital Plunger LED-Wiz H bridge Shaker motor LED's and heat sinks and lenses Cabinet switches Cabinet Art Backglass Bezel Speaker Panel (Mameman CNC) 26" Vizio E261VP HDTV 12V/24V power supplies force feedback contactors More info to come....
  8. Chris, I went with the same motherboard as you but once I had both video cards in I noticed the sound card installed in the PCI slot blocks the fan of my second video card. Not completely, but blocks it >50%. Does your sound card block your video card fan intake? I was wondering if I went with a PCIe sound card in the first slot, if that would reduce my PCI lanes for the video cards or would that be a viable solution rather than using a PCI sound card in the last slot? Great work by the way... BH
  9. Chris, is your pc running the dual 260's at x16/x16 PCIe lanes or x8/x8? BH
  10. Chris, it doesn't look like you decased the backglass monitor. Are the inside dimensions standard 90's William BB? Wonderful job by the way. I currently own 3 pins and an old Rollergames cabinet which will become my virtual pin. The artwork alone would make even a bad cabinet look amazing, and your detail on the build just makes it the crown jewel of cabinets right now. What are the pros of using mercury switches for nudge instead of the Nanotech Mot-Ion accelerometer? Bublehead (yes, the same one who did all the early work with VP)
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