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  1. Hi has anyone had or known how to get rid of the error "this game doesn't support the av cable that is currently connected to the main console, turn off the bower and replace the av cable" obviously I'm on hdmi only comes up on a few games but I want to play them! Thanks guys
  2. Thanks guys all sorted now upped the budget and got something that will have no issue. Thanks again for all your help.
  3. Hi my friend would like hyperspin and as I have it I was wondering how I go about cloning my drive and transferring the data to his external drive. Is it simply a case of plugging it in and copying the D drive of my hyperspin? Cheers guys
  4. Thanks guys wanted to play ps2 and dreamcast
  5. Hi Guys can anyone tell me if this pc is powerful enough to pay drama at and ps2 game and what the limitations or problems It may cause me? Thank you http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/FAST-GAMING-PC-Intel-i5-3-20GHz-8GB-DDR3-1-TB-HDD-2GB-GDDR5-Graphic-Card-Win-7-/371552241120
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