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  1. Hello guys a noob question can i use mame 0.182 roms with mame2014 core ? or mame 2016 core?
  2. hello guys i been trying to setup my Cave wheel now the mame 2014 and 2016 are available in retroarch can some one please provide me the info for the settings File i cant find it anywhere thank you guys exe= parameters=
  3. Im using the latest ppsspp from the nighly buils
  4. How is anyone using psp working properly on the shield i mean im experiencing crazy graphics issues specially tekken 6 all stages have graphics problems
  5. I wish we could downgrade to lollipop right before 3.0 everything was working great there
  6. I was checking the nvidia shield tv forums it looks like evryone is having issues with the shield software tons of bugs evrywhere the new update din't help at all
  7. I did Sting another possibility that could be causing all maybe using a cheap HDMI os making the shield going haywire i dunno just a theory or maybe i need to switch my tv to gamemode on settings ? im using a samsung led tv
  8. Sting and ejecting the Hard drive is not the issue I always make sure to do that evrywhere i use it
  9. Im started to thinking that my device may be defected because i factory restore my shield tv well writing and reading on my hard drive are now working but if a turn my Device off and then back on it wont detect the HD anymore untill i reset the shield like 4 or 5 times the mouse cursor is not working on my end i spend like 2 hours trying to use the feature where you lock/place the apps in one location that was not working after the restoring i never had this problems before the 3.0 marshmallow BS update that mess everything up for me!
  10. Sting What format you using on your external h drive?
  11. After the update everything looks the same my device wont detect the hard drive when conected and after trying for like 20 minutes of turning device on and off with luck finally detected but dosent let me write on the hard drive it only letme read it my external hard drive is formated to ntfs im thinking on doing a full restore on the shield man this suck ass!
  12. Im still having the same detecting hard drive issues after the update where sometines detects the hard drive just fine and if i reset the shield tv it wont detect the external hard drive anymore
  13. Thats weard i think i just saw a core named reicast on the core updated list even here on this link you can see that reicast is listed http://wiki.libretro.com/index.php?title=Category:Libretro_Cores Im a newbe using retroarch i could be wrong!
  14. Is it better to play dreamcast tru retroarch or reicast emulator?? At the momentim using reicast from the store but alot of games have alot glitching graphics issues and some others wont even run at all did any body try both amd see what was better to emulate at?
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