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  1. Ok, so I've had my visual pinball cabinet for a few years and now have the itch to put force feedback and LED's on it and fancy things up a bit. I've bought some items as shown in the picture here, and now my questions/plans... I have the following; Toys: 8 solenoids (playfield bumpers, slingshots etc. other than flippers) 2 12v Siemens contactors (flippers) 5 RGB star LEDs for back of the playfield 4 Lighted buttons (Launch, Esc, Quarter, Flyer) - these are lamps not LED's 1 120v red beacon topper 1 Plunger slide potentiometer (also on order and not in picture) Controllers 1 LEDWiz 2 4-channel relays (as seen in picture - these are not sainsmart USB ones however 1 8-channel sainsmart on the way (not shown in picture) 1 Freescale FRDM-KL25Z (plan to use this for plunger and nudging) Misc 12v Power supply (meanwell SP-200-12 12V) Misc diodes, wiring, aluminum bar, etc. So.... How to connect it all up? Originally was going to use the 8 channel sainsmart to connect up the 8 playfield solenoids, then use the LEDWiz for the flipper contactors and LED's as well as the 4 button lamps. Finally use one of the 4 channel relays (along with LEDWiz) for the 120v beacon. However, would it make more sense to put the contactors for the flippers on the sainsmart for less of a "delay"? Also in all of this, I'd like to be able to go "silent", so just kill the power to the 12v power supply to do that? Or do you do this in software typically? Also, I know I'm missing things like shakers but not too interested in that, BUT I've heard of others using something called DMX strobe? Looks cool in videos I've seen on youtube, I just don't know what that is, or how it works. I'm also not putting in strobes near top of playfield, I feel those will blow out the display too much. Perhaps I should get some and attach them on the back, or top or something? Any advice is much appreciated - even more so if it's good advice!! Thanks!! -Lyle
  2. Excellent! Glad that worked out for you! I'll have to check out Pinball FX2, I haven't done anything other than Visual Pinball (well one FP table, but we never play it). Keep updating us on your progress. FYI - Visual Pinball is a bit of a nightmare to get everthing in the right directories and named correctly, but stay with it and it all works out. PinballX, if you get the full meal ticket, makes some of this easier with the game manager (directly pull down missing artwork etc.). Anyway, keep us updated on your progress - looking great! -Lyle
  3. Another power option is to get one of these "sensing" powerstrips. I used this exact one on my pinball machine and on my Mame arcade cabinet and they work very very well. Basically you plug the pc in at the master plug and then when it senses the PC turning on, it powers the following 5 outlets as well. Same in reverse when shutting down. I ran my pc power switch to the normal position under the front of the cabinet and it takes care of turning on all my monitors, amp, etc. Just another option for ya. -Lyle
  4. lbeckm3

    Video Man Hyperspin

    That is sweeeet!!! Brad - that kicks you-know-what!! Very very nice work!
  5. lbeckm3

    Video Man Hyperspin

    Looks great! Loving the cp artwork there. I'm starting on my cabinet too and have the PC ready to go, just need to refurb the cabinet and start figuring out the control panel. Doing a 4-player like you have there, but skipping the trackball and spinner pieces. My wife really wants me to keep going with the transformers theme like the pinball cab, but I'm torn there. I may be contacting you soon on some cp and sideart graphics! Keep us posted with your progress!
  6. Yes sir I have seen yours in person...

  7. lbeckm3

    Mameman CNC Fun

    Hehe, do what I can for ya! Could also power it off a relay to start/stop the led's to things happening on the table. Or scratch that and just assign one or more of the picaxe pins to digital input and the ledwiz etc. could start various animations depending on which one is set high. Heck just 2 pins could do something like; low low = off no animation low high = cycle back and forth slow (game start) High low = cycle back and forth fast (multiball etc.) high high = go bananas (free game etc sends them into crazy mode!) Not sure what all you could key on there but I think there's a ton of options! Now finish it up so I can see it in action! -Lyle
  8. lbeckm3

    Mameman CNC Fun

    Or you could do it even cheaper with a Picaxe chip! I love those little things - getting better all the time. I built a ghostbusters proton pack a couple years ago and used a Picaxe chip to animate a series of blue led's. Very easy to do, here is the pack in action; Could just turn that on it's side, put in red led's and go nuts making different animations. Could probably use one board and run wires to both panels so they could be in sync etc. Awesome project and the cnc stuff is incredible!
  9. Looks great!!! Oh wait, those are mine! Seriously though, Brad does fantastic work and I CANNOT WAIT to get these on the machine. I think I'm more excited to have a cool looking cab then to actually play the game!! Again big props to Brad! -Lyle Complete!