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  1. ​Thanks guys, gonna try loading another system in retroarch outside of hyperspin when I get home and see is that fixes it. JoyStickKilla, I don't have the fade off, I'll try it without. How do I get a troubleshooting log?
  2. Thanks, but just set 7z to true instead of global and still got the same message.
  3. I've have been using the simply austin guide to set up hyperspin with rocketlauncher. So far snes and genesis have been easy with retroarch, but when I attempted nes I hit a wall. rocketlauncher has detected my ROMs, but when I go to launch one the message in the picture I've attached shows (sorry its sideways). So I then booted up retroarch when to "load content" then "select file and detect core" and selected a ROM it gave me the message "no cores available". Then then went to "load core" loaded nestopia and the a rom and it worked, then did the same with quicknes and it worked. Has anyone else ran into this problem before? I need help.
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